Chania 13°

Chania - Hourly Forecast

10:00Mostly Cloudy24%3 bftHum:85%
11:00Partly Cloudy24%3 bftHum:80%
12:00Chance of Rain48%3 bftHum:79%
13:00Chance of Rain49%4 bftHum:71%
15:00Partly Cloudy18%5 bftHum:75%
17:00Chance of Rain40%5 bftHum:81%
19:00Rain73%4 bftHum:87%
21:00Chance of Rain52%4 bftHum:83%


00:00Chance of Rain41%4 bftHum:77%
03:00Partly Cloudy24%3 bftHum:77%
06:00Partly Cloudy16%2 bftHum:77%
09:00Clear2 bftHum:70%
12:00Clear3 bftHum:61%
16:00Clear3 bftHum:57%
20:00Clear1 bftHum:63%